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Explore stunning Guilin and Yangshuo! Dec 24-27; Dec 31 – Jan 3; Feb 3-6

Explore what Guilin has to offer: get lost in cascading rice terraces like nowhere else, bike in the countryside to the famous moon hill, take a picture on ancient bridge, relax while boating with gorgeous mountain view and breath in the clean air! It is going to be an unforgettable and unique holiday at one of the most beautful places in China! Endless rice terraces cascading down into the valley below and the spectacular backdrop of a 2000 meter high mountain ridge is always an unforgettable holiday experience and includes some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Guangxi Province! Flight suggestions* Shanghai - Guilin D1  13:55-16:50 Flight Shanghai-Guilin [on Dec 24 and Feb 3] D1  19:00-21:50 Flight Shanghai-Guilin [on Dec 30] D4 18:45-21:10 Gulin - Shanghai flight DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Airport or train
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Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong park! Nov 18-22; Dec 24-27;Dec 30-Jan 2

Highlights: Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong were titled the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Jiuzhaigou boasts its most beautiful water scenery out of all China, the layered waterfalls and the crystal clear highland lakes. Huanglong is a world well-know Karst Geographic National Park. These places are vividly depicted as the Fairyland and the Jade Pool in China. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Shanghai DEPARTURE TIME   Day 1 RETURN TIME  Day 4 WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING   INCLUDED ground transportation in Jiuzhaigou accommodation for 3 nights with breakfast (double occupancy, single supplement - TBC rmb) entrance ticket to Huanglong park, Jiuzhaigou scenic area bus insurance, Songpan wall climbing (20 rmb), Dujiangyan ( entrance 80 rmb, battery car 15 rmb, yulei lift 40 rmb) NOT INCLUDED flights, meals, cable car in Huanglong park (80 rmb
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Restorative yoga & meditation retreat! [Shanghai] Jan 1-3

Highlights: - Heal the whole body and mind - Release the acccumulated tension and stress from a fast pace city lifestyle - Improve your sleep and relaxation - Slow down and create more space within body and mind - Spring is the best time for calming 'yin' practices to balance the natural 'yang' time of the year - Set up the whole body for deep healing, growth and repair - Located within Shanghai city, qr code won't be affected  Pet-friendly Destination: Changxing island, Shanghai city The island is located between Chongming island and Pudong new district. It's a perfect place for vacation with large area of forest and fresh air. It is a quiet island with colonial feel. You can find various activities here such as seasonal fruit picking, karting and horse riding.

All-you-can-eat organic Chocolate tour! [Every weekend]

Every weekend! Treat your chocolate loving partner/friends or just yourself! It's the best gift for a special occasion! All you can eat organic Austrian artisan chocolate... what else can you ask for? Black, milking, white, liquid, running, hot, fruit, cheese, rose... and many types of chocolate to try at our tour! - Try more than 200 types of chocolate! - Visit chocolate theatre - the first chocolate all-you-can-eat museum in Shanghai! - Learn how chocolate is created - Meet a group of international like-minded chocolate lovers! - Socialize and make new friends! * Schedule * Choose date and time: Every Saturday and Sunday English tour: 13:00; 14:00; 15:00; 16:00 Please arrive 10 minutes in advance to check-in. * Price * Regular price: 180 rmb/person Wanna Travel special price: 160 rmb/person!  Don't miss out, limited offer! DIY chocolate - extra 68 RMB! (pay at the counter) Children under
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[Small group] Skiing in Xinjiang, once in a lifetime!

Note: this tour can be organized as a private tour for 3-4 people any time during winter! Contact us for quotation! Xinjiang is not crowded in winter but full of leisure.  This winter in Kanas is lovely with snow-capped peaks, rime on the cliff's edge, and boundless forest; every angle and small scene make people feel excited. Warm sunshine passes through the clouds, sweeping away the haze of the rainy season. This is Hemu Village, the nearest place to heaven. Welcome to Xinjiang, you will have a fantastic holiday in this fairy tale world! What you can see in Kanas in Winter? ⛄ The stunning views of Kanas Three Bays The three bays include Moon Bay, Dragon Bay, and Immortal Bay. They are the three turns of Kanas River, also the most beautiful and representative scenic spots in Kanas. ⛄ Hemu Viewing
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[Tibet] 8 Days Lhasa-Everest base camp Tour! Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan

8 days tour in Tibet during the Chinese New Year including visiting of Lhasa, the highest city in the world, the highest monastery in the world as well as overnight at Everest Base Camp! Make your dream come true!
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6 days Avatar mountains and Fenghuang town! Dec 23-28; Jan 31-Feb 5 (CNY)

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * See the most important scenic spots just in one weekend! * Take world's fastest and highest outdoor elevator! * Walk on the world's highest and longest glass bridge in the world! * Take the world's longest cable car (7.5 KM!) * Stay in a luxury 5 star Pullman hotel! *You will be surrouned by a magical scenery, just like in the movie"Avatar"! *DIFFICULTY LEVEL* Hiking level: beginner Type: stairs and cable car Elevation: 1000 m Luggage: you can leave your luggage on the bus or in hotel Accommodation: 5 star Pullman hotel Luxurious 5 star hotel with in the famous Wulingyuan Scenic area. The hotel provides buffet breakfast and a seasonal swimming pool. Price:  December: 4500 rmb/person CNY: 4999 rmb/person  DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick up from Zhangjiajie Airport DEPARTURE TIME   RETURN TIME   WHAT
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Guizhou, off-the-beaten-track! Trekking and hiking! Dec 18-23; Dec 24-29; Jan 31-Feb 5(CNY)

December 18-23 December 24-29 January 31-Feb 5 (Chinese New Year) April 1-6 (Qingming holiday) April 30-May 5 (May holiday)   Highlights On one trip you can experience Buyi, Miao, Dong minority culture.     Warm weather and no altitude sickness like Laos   Hiking in the Karst landscape and rice patties         Try the unique long table banquet     Camp in the cave for one night  Learn indigo dye and paper making        Local folk dance performance 5% of profits from this trip will be donated to monk ZhiXiang's shelter* Guizhou, one of China's lesser-known provinces and best-kept secrets, opened to tourists in the late 1980s. This is one of the most beautiful provinces, offering dramatic karst limestone scenery, a spectacular plateau landscape cut by great gorges and canyons, terraced hillsides, and enchanting vistas. It is a multicultural province with the

Northern Xinjiang adventure! Urumqi- Kanas Dec 18-24; 24-30; CNY

Dates; Dec 18-24            Dec 24-30            Jan 31-Feb 6 (CNY) (possible to arrange on other dates as a private tour., please PM us) Visit winter Heavenly Lake and hike to the peak to see snow moutains  Experience the unique nomadic culture of local Kazakhs Travel to wonderful and stunning Kanas Lake  Stay in the most beautiful winter village Hemu.  Visit Yadan landcape in Urho Ghost City on your way  The Best place to ski in China-Altay Xinjiang is not crowded in winter but full of leisure.  This winter in Kanas is lovely with snow-capped peaks, rime on the cliff's edge, and boundless forest; every angle and small scene make people feel excited. Warm sunshine passes through the clouds, sweeping away the haze of the rainy season. This is Hemu Village, the nearest place to heaven. Welcome to Xinjiang, you will have a fantastic holiday in
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Silk road trip: from Qinghai to Gansu! Oct to April

Dates: October 23-30 November 20-27 December 18-25 December 25-January 1 January 31-February 6 February 26-March 5 April 3-10 Visit the most charming region in China in this 7 days trip! See the biggest desert in China, snow-capped mountains, ancient cities, Unesco world heritage Mogao caves, the famous Rainbow mountains and unique lake in the desert! You'll also have a chance to ride a camel! Xining - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang With our itinerary you will visit the most important places of the ancient silk road. Dunhuang tour: The Crescent Lake - unique lake in the desert! The Echoing-Sand Mountain, for many Chinese well known as Mingsha Mountain, is celebrated for the sound of the moving sand. In 1994 it was acclaimed as the national key scenic spot. You may wonder why the sand makes these different sounds. Mogao Grottoes: The traveler finds the
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