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It is a horseback trip deep into the grasslands.

It is also a wild call for returning to nature.

Per Person: 8800 RMB

Endurance: 2/5

Technicity: 3/5  

Not necessary horseback experience required, but need an open mind, a good mentality for learning if you are totally beginners.
While during all the riding, we have a supporting van following for all camping equipment.


  • No previous experience required 

  • Professional house back riding training to make you a pro after the trip!

  • Riding in the massive grassland with no other tourists

  • Immersive Inner Mongolia experience Genghis Khan established the world’s first long-distance horseback transport network in 1227. His messengers could travel from the capital the Karakorum to the Caspian Sea within a few days via horse stations in the pasture throughout the unmanned area. Horsemen galloped across uninhabited grasslands, over rivers, through forests, and between mountains. Neither the magnificence nor the whistling of nature could make a stop.

  • Every June to October, we recreate this route. In the entire 120-kilometer unmanned area covering grasslands, birch forests, rivers, and others, we will ride our own horses and go deep into the untapped private pasture for three days and three nights of wilderness camping with nature. At this time, we are those explorers, warriors, and swordsmen riding horses.

    Our destination is at its starting point, Hulunbuir, China. Hulunbuir is the origin of the ethnic Mongolian and borders on Mongolia and Russia. It has the largest and best-protected pasture in China.

01\Tent upgrade

Decathlon tents that we used in the wild are fully replaced.

In the past, the crowded small tent was the biggest constraint on the uncomfortable riding in the wild. Now all the small outdoor tents in Hulunbuir are upgraded to double retro big tents.

02\Wild Equestrian Class

For horse riding, many beginners have concerns about accessibility if they know little about it.

Don’t worry. We provide horse riding instructions on the first day of the event and during the trip. These courses will enable you to better adapt to horses and master wild riding skills. You can also learn more about grasslands culture during the journey, understanding how the skilled Mongolian fight in bows and horses and how the sun, moon, and stars shine over the grassland.

03\Wild Horse Gang Night  

With the splendid galaxy above our heads and the vast earth under our feet, we talk around the campfire in the deep grasslands. All stirring past is poured out. Besides, professional astronomical telescopes are prepared for you, bringing you to understand the vast starry sky with professional knowledge, together with the star map.

04\Exclusive Wild Pasture

It becomes increasingly difficult to get into the real deep grasslands because the majority now are divided by barbed wire, behind which are private due to the privatization of the grasslands. We open up several private pastures, allowing us to ride deep into the real hinterland of grasslands among horses and sheep day and night.

05\Wild kitchen

At the table, there are endless grasslands and by the ear, there are cheerful birds singing. Unarmed horses are wandering around, while we are sitting at the table enjoying the wild breath far and near.


Price Included
– Land transportation once in Hunlunbeier (from & back to Hunlunbeier), from Day 2
– Insurance 
– All Meals as per itinerary from Day 2 to last day’s lunch
– Coaching and horses, one person one horse
– Accommodation with day 2 local hotel in the case, and camping, all camping equipment

– All support service 

Price Not Included
– First night hotel and meals (we can do suggestion)
– Alcoholic Drinks if it’s too much
– Activities and expenses, not mentioned in the itinerary
– Transportation from your place to Hunlunbeier and return
– Personal equipment 

How to book:

1) Fill up the booking form on our website: www.wannatravelshanghai.com

2) BOOK YOUR SEAT by transferring 2000 RMB deposit (the full amount should be transferred 10 days before the trip)

3) Send us the picture of the transaction and get the confirmation.

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Phone number: 13764884661

Website: www.wannatravelshanghai.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wannatravel1

Follow official wechat account: wanna_travel

The suggested flight on Trip.com:

D1 Shanghai – Hailaer(HLD) 09:00 KN2316 


D6 Hailaer(HLD) -Shanghai 15:20-21:15 KN2315

About Accommodation

Day2,Stay in a village hotel.

Day3, Camping in the wild. Accommodation in tents, no washroom, tents, and other camping equipment are provided by us (bell-shaped tents, folding mattresses, bedding, pillows, and other complete sets, bedding for one guest one wash, to ensure hygiene.)

The tent shared a double tent for two people. If you need to use it alone, please explain it in advance and make up the price difference, 2400 yuan per person.

In the past days of grassland life in the wild, we have a logistics supply vehicle to take a bath and provide an appropriate amount of hot water. However, water resources are limited and precious, which is not like the city bathroom. Please understand.

At the same time, bathing in the wild lake is prohibited.

About entertainment

You can have the chance to try inner Mongolia dressing for photos, archery, and ukulele during your free time. And there will be a projection for a review of our riding videos, and some time to enjoy a movie.

About video 
We have coaches take video and photos for you, with UAV too for use!


All riding equipment is provided (Western-style saddle with a soft cushion, helmet, keen pads),

All the way support car,

Professional coaches following the group,


No matter you are a beginner or experienced rider, in the beginning, we don’t suggest galloping as we need to get familiar with our horses. After you are familiar with your horse, it depends on everyone’s experience and skills, you could enjoy waking or gallop more. If the group is balanced with everyone’s speed, we will sometimes separate into the fast team and slow team, our coaches will be taking care of both.

About weather
The temperature difference between day and night on the grassland is large. During the day, the outdoor temperature is between 10 degrees and 25 degrees. At night, the outdoor temperature is below 10 degrees. The sun is strong during the day. Please pay attention to sun protection. According to the experience of previous years, we suggest wearing long-sleeved and pants, also take a coat at night and bringing more clothes for those who are afraid of cold.

About rain
Shower rain sometimes, usually it rains a bit when there is a rain-cloud up on the sky, soon will stop. Raincoat provide.

About the luggage
We have a supporting car always following and all luggage will be put on it. 

Suggest backpack as a luggage bag.

Mobile phone signal
Most of the area has signals, only a small area during a horseback ride no signal.

Every day there will be 1 hour you can charge your phone from our power supply.

About force majeure

Horseback travel is affected by the weather. In case of inclement weather or force majeure, the organizer has the right to change the itinerary.

(Need to be prepared by each participant)

– Horse riding / Hiking pants for outdoor, suggest tight ones

– Riding boots (or sports shoes), better take one more pair of shoes

– Hiking jacket or rainproof jacket, warm layers fleece, quick-dry inner layers,  down jacket depend on the season

– Mountain sunglasses, Lip balm, and sun protection
– Backpack 50-60L for luggage (suggest not to bring suitcase)
– Gaiter to protect from sand and grass, wind hood
– Headlamp

– Gloves
– Drinking bottle (no plastic bottles because refill is often with boiled water)
– Some snacks as you wish
– Personal medical care

– Personal washing kit, like towel, Toothpaste toothbrush

Additional information

DatesOct 2 – 7

Day 1

arrive at Hulunbuir Hailar Dongshan international airport all-day

You can arrive all day and stay at your hotel to explore Hailar.


Day 2

09:00 pick you up from your hotel (Hailar is not big, we will pick you up from your hotel in turn)

Hailaer is about 180 km from downtown to Racecourse Town, 2 hours by car. After arriving at the town, we arrange to stay in a village hotel

After lunch, take a lunch break. Coach according to each person’s equestrian experience, height, physical fitness, age, arrange the corresponding horse.

In the afternoon, safety training and basic knowledge of grassland life and horse riding were conducted.

After getting familiar with their horses, they began to jump on their backs, and the riding time in the afternoon was about 1-2 hours.

Chinese food: fried dishes with northern characteristics

Dinner: roast mutton, special fried dishes


Day 3

After breakfast, take a bus to the mount point. Today’s terrain is mainly grassland and hills. When you climb the high slope, you can see the Russian sentry not far away.

Today’s cycling is mainly to adapt to long-distance horseback. We will teach you how to relax.

In the afternoon, after arriving at the camp, the logistics staff had already set up the restaurant and put the fruits. After lunch, we had a lunch break. We set up a tent to avoid the sun.

In the evening, we set out to explore the surrounding areas of the camp again. We climbed to the top of the mountain in the setting sun to feel the magnificent momentum of the straight desert and the round sunset.

Breakfast: milk, eggs, steamed bread, fruits, side dishes

Chinese food: rice, seasonal vegetables, fried vegetables

Dinner: mutton hot pot


Day 4

Today, we go to the family of Urtuu on the grassland. Urtuu is the name of a horse riding station in Mongolian. This is a sheep farm, they will provide us with important water. During the day, we passed through a large area of rape fields, crossed the grassland, and reached the high platform. Surrounded by birch forest, except for the wind, birdsong, and bleating of sheep, the sound of insects dancing on the grass tip can be heard.

Breakfast: Mongolian milk tea, bread, cream

Chinese food: self-heating rice

Dinner: Buffet roast mutton kebab, handle meat, fruits, and vegetables


Day 5

In the morning, we rode to the shepherd’s place to drink water. Then we set out towards the birch forest. The horse’s hooves rustled on the thick fallen leaves. The white birch trunks were all around us. The sun was shining into the middle of the forest. At this time, it was like walking into a magical fairyland. When you pass through the birch forest, you suddenly see the rolling grassland and hills, in which are marigold, peony, and other unknown flowers grow. Knee deep lye grass flutters in the wind. Take a deep breath, this is the deepest part of the grassland!

Breakfast: Mongolian milk tea, bread, fruit

Chinese food: rice, vegetables, fried meat

Dinner: BBQ, braised pork


Day 6

We will return after breakfast and we will take the plane to the airport. The arrival time in Hailar is around 12:00, and the return guests can book tickets after 14:00.