– Heal the whole body and mind

– Release the acccumulated tension and stress from a fast pace city lifestyle

– Improve your sleep and relaxation

– Slow down and create more space within body and mind

– Spring is the best time for calming ‘yin’ practices to balance the natural ‘yang’ time of the year

– Set up the whole body for deep healing, growth and repair

– Located within Shanghai city, qr code won’t be affected

Image Pet-friendly

Destination: Changxing island, Shanghai city

The island is located between Chongming island and Pudong new district. It’s a perfect place for vacation with large area of forest and fresh air. It is a quiet island with colonial feel. You can find various activities here such as seasonal fruit picking, karting and horse riding.

Suitable for:

– Both men and women

– Stressed and easily agitated people (stressful job, family life)

– Athletes and anyone who does intense exercises

– Senior people

– Anyone between 20-60 years old


Sun Salutation: easy full body work out to stimulate your body


Yoga nidra: guided meditation into a state between sleep and awakeness; gives your body the much needed rest and relaxes muscles

Restorative yoga: relieves the tension and restores body tissues; relaxes the mind


Morning meditation: 15 min guided seated meditation

Pranayama: calming breathing techniques


Tibetan singing bowls meditation: relaxes your mind and heals the body with vibrations

Yin yoga: slow strething practice with holding postures for 3-5 minutes; creates more space in body and mind; works on meridians and removes blockages

New equipment for the retreat will be provided (you can take it home): 2 yoga blocks, a bolster and a blanket

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING passport*, hiking/sports shoes and clothes,
private bus,  all meals as per itinerary 2 nights in the hotel (2 ppl sharing),
yoga classes, new equipment (2 yoga blocks, bolster, blanket) English speaking trip leader
single supplement  – 750 rmb,optional activities (karting, fruit picking, horse riding)
 drinks, your personal expenses, invoice

Note: the hotel accepts pets; extra cleaning fee will be charged per room (100-200 rmb). Please let us know in advance of you bring a pet.

Additional information

DatesApril 2 – 4th

Day 1

09:30 Meet at Zhongshan park metro station and drive to Changxing island

12:00 Vegetarian lunch and check-in. Free time to relax or walk around nearby

15:00-15:30 Sun salutation [outdoors if the weather is good]

15:30-16:30 Yoga nidra (relaxation)

18:00 Vegetarian dinner

19:30-21:00 Restorative yoga


Day 2

07:30-08:00 Meditation and pranayama

08:00 Breakfast

10:00-11:30 Yin yoga with aromatherapy

12:00 Vegetarian lunch 

Free time in the afternoon to walk around. 

Suggested activity: seasonal fruit picking; horse riding

18:00  Vegetarian dinner

19:30-20:30 Tibetan singing bowls meditation


Day 3

Day 3: B L

07:30-08:00 Meditation and pranayama

08:00 Breakfast

10:00-11:30 Yin yoga [outdoors if the weather is good]

12:00 Check out and have vegetarian lunch

13:00 Drive back

15:00-15:30 Arrive to Zhongshan park