Explore Inner Mongolia: here you can meet with Mongolian tradition and culture, admire open wide steppe and blue sky. Enjoy and get nomadic experience via herder’s way of life:

Destination: UNESCO World Heritage – XANADU (SHANGDU) – SUMMER CAPITAL OF YUAN DYNASTY: historical, natural, nomadic place situated near Beijing.

Xanadu, Shangdu in chinese, was established in 1256, created by mongol’s Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, founder of the Yuan dynasty.

Location of XANADU: a town in the Plain Blue Banner ( Zhenglanqi) of Xilin Gol league, Inner Mongolia, China (in chinese 内蒙古锡林郭勒盟正蓝旗上都镇)

DEPARTURE TIME  Day 1 – 13:00
RETURN TIME  Day 5 – 8:30
  transportation from and to Beijing airport and during the whole trip  entrance fee as per itinerary
 accomodation in a hotel (double occupancy) and in a traditional yurt (4-8 people sharing)  all activities as per itineary
 single supplement for an individual room for 2 nights in a hotel: 280 rmb
   flight to and from Beijing, your personal expenses, invoice

The deposit is 1000 rmb/person


  Day 1
   13:00      Beijing -Capital International Airport pick up and trasfer to Xanadu,  Inner Mongolia
   19:00      Arrive and have dinner in resturant
   20:00      Accommodate in Hotel
 Stay overnight in hotel.
   08:00     Have  breakfast in resturant
   08:30     Move to Museum and “The Site of Xanadu”– UNESCO
   12:00     Head to local nomadic SUMMER CAMP
   13:00     Have lunch in the camp
   14:00     Accommodate in ger camp/yurt, introduce the area and local life
                Hang around the area of camp  and enjoy with daily life of local herders
                Play archery and other  traditional games
   18:00     Have traditional dinner (roast lamb)
   19:30     See the sunset in grassland
                Enjoy shining stars
   20:30     Bonfire party ,Traditional Music show
 Stay overnight in nomadic Ger/yurt.
 Day 3
    05:00     See first light of the day-Sunrise
                 See cows milking ,make dairy  products (optional)
    08:00     Local Breakfast
    09:00     Horse back riding in nature (around 1 hour)
    12:30     Have lunch
    14:00     Go sand slide
    18:30     Come back to the camp and have traditional dinner
    20:30     Bonfire
 Stay overnight in Ger/Yurt.
 Day 4
   05:00    Cows milking
   08:00    Local Breakfast .
   09:00    Head to natural scenic place Muhur Bulag  (by bus to the area and trekking around  2hours)
   13:00    Have traditional lunch
   15:00    Move back to downtown , stop at some scenic spots to take pictures
   18:00    Have  dinner in restaurant
 Stay overnight in Hotel
 Day 5
    07:30    Have  breakfast
    08:30    Move back to Beijing -Capital International Airport