* Unique way to explore Chengdu city

* See one of the the rarest animals in the world – GIANT PANDA!

* Fun activities: kungfu learning, tuktuk food tour, monk guide tour

* Explore authentic Tibetan villages

* See the biggest sitting buddha in the world!

* Not a typical tourist trip

English speaking tour guide entrance tickets as per itinerary, scenic area bus
private bus Accommodation with breakfast (twin rooms. If you join the trip alone, please add single supplement fee)
Flights, lunches and Dinners
 cable car at Emeishan (120 rmb), optional activities, tips for driver and tour guide

Suggested flight:

1.10 Shanghai – Chengdu 07:40-10:55 CA1947

7.10 Chengdu – Shanghai 19:30-22:20 CA4591

PLEASE NOTE: if you sign up for the trip alone, we can try but cannot guarantee to find another participant to share room with, please be ready to add extra 1530 rmb for a single room. Thank you for understanding.

How to book:

1) Fill up the booking form on our website: www.wannatravelshanghai.com/book-now/

2) Send us a copy of your passport

3) BOOK YOUR SEAT by making 2000 rmb downpayment  (100% of the price needs to be paid 10 days before the trip)

4) Receive confirmation by email

Additional information

DatesOct 1 – 8

Day 1

Take flight Shanghai – Chengdu 07:40-10:55 CA1947

Pickup from airport in the morning

Tea culture at peoples’ park, we can learn majohn game and sip a cup of tea to feel the relaxing lifestyle in Chengdu

Go to the Opera house backstage, have a conversation with local actors to explore the story behind the show.

Take a tuktuk journey to visit the corner of Chengdu city, to find out the best Chengdu snacks with our city master!


Day 2

Leave for panda centre in the early morning.

Visit the panda centre at Dujiangyan

Walking tour in irrigation park to learn the story from Qing dynasty.

Stay at the hotel at foot of Mt. Qingcheng

Dujaingyan Panda Centre is situated in mt. Qingcheng town. There are total 1864 pandas in China with 74% situated in Sichuan province, while Dujiangyan base owns more than 170. It is subdivided in 6 zones: rescue and quarantine, desease prevention and control, recovering and training, reception and education, vegetation and service areas.


Day 3

Leave from hotel to Danba after breakfast

See gorgeous 4 girls mountain on the way from viewing platform

Explore Zhonglu Tibetan village in Danba

The ancient blockhouse of Zhonglu village has a long history, beautiful Jiarong Tibetan clothes, the custom of a wonderful top shirt, tasty buttered tea, all of which are so lively and fragrant. Nature worship and totem worship can be seen everywhere.


Day 4:

2 hours drive in the early morning, visit the Huiyuan temple in Bamei county

Go to Tanggong grassland where you can see the large prayer wheel wall outside the monastery

Via Xinduqiao for picturesque views

Stay at the capital city of Eastern Tibet Kangding

The Huiyuan Temple was constructed to be gorgeous and magnificent not only in its scale also in its decoration. Along the two sides of the gate, there are red walls with 108 white pagodas embedded. Huiyuan Temple is a temple with outstanding local features and is an artistic classics of the Kangba Area. Also Huiyuan Temple has collected many precious cultural relics and is one of the main sites for prayers to sutra chanting and worship in Sichuan area.

The Lhagang Monastery is home to the iconic Muya Golden Pagoda and its 100 kg golden roof that lies in the center of the monastery’s four towers. (Currently can only be visited from outside)

Xinduqiao is a picturesque small Tibetan town and famous for its plateau pasture scenery with vivid green grassland, streams, mountains and Tibetan houses. It is called the paradise of photographers due to the wonderful natural lights and stunning landscape here. We will stop and have leisure time in the forest or walk through the fields.


Day 5:

Drive for 3 hours to Mt. Emei, we can stop for beautiful village or nature views

Visit Fuhu temple, sip a cup of tea and enjoy this quiet place. We can also have dinner in the temple tonight.

Monk guide tour in Baguo temple from 19:30-20:00 at the foot of the mountain Emei.


Day 6

Morning chanting in the holy hall

Emei kunfu learning

Explore mt. Emei. See Wannian temple and you might spot wild monkeys here.


Day 7

Take a boat trip to see the panorama of whole Buddha and a sleeping Buddha

An one touristy old town visit before tour end

Drive to the airport

Take flight Chengdu – Shanghai 19:30-22:20 CA4591