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12 days deep immersion in Xinjiang! From Kashgar to Kanas Aug 5-16; Oct 1-12

 Price: May 1-12: 12000 rmb/person; single supplement - 2150 rmb June 12-23: 12000 rmb/person; single supplement - 2950rmb July 17-28: 12900 rmb/person; single supplement - 3300 rmb August 5-16: 12900 rmb/person; single supplement - 3300 rmb October 1-12: 12900 rmb/person; single supplement - 3300 rmb *THE HIGHLIGHTS* Visit the tranquil lake-Kanas Experience the Tuwan lifestyle on their homeland with optional activites: horse riding and etc. Trip to see Pamir Plateau, Karakul lake, Baisha lake and China-Pakistan Highway! Visit the local ethnic family along way Check out the Unique live stock market on Sunday Explore one of the oldest cities along the silk road-Turpan Enjoy the fantastic landscape in Heavenly lake with its lavish forest, vast grassland, magnificent snow mountain, experience the unique nomadic culture of local kazakhs. Itinerary at a glance: Kashgar - Taxkorgan - Turpan - Urumqi ■Day 1: Shanghai✈️ Kashgar ■ Day 2: Kashgar🚗 Kalakuli lake
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7 days in Xinjiang! You won’t believe you are in China! Aug 5-11; Aug 12-18Oct 1-7

Price: Dates:                 July 16-22 July 17-23 [LAST 2 SPOTS!] July 24-30 July 31 - August 6 August 5-11 August 12-18 August 19-25 August 26-Sept 1 September 2-8 September 9-15 September 18-24 [Mooncake festival holiday] October 1-7 *THE HIGHLIGHTS* In Kashgar you will meet the local tradition, see the famous Karakul lake at the height of 3600 meters above sea level, snow-capped mountains and glaciers and an ancient city full of history! See how the life of the locals has been preserved through centuries! l Trekking by the side of Karakul Lake of Pamir Plateau, visit the yurt of Kyrgyz family along the China Pakistan Highway. l Explore one of the oldest cities in Xinjiang - Turpan, the best place for you to know the Silk Road Culture. l Enjoy the fantastic landscape
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Luxury Tulou mud castles + Xiamen trip! August 6-8

* Stay in a luxury 5 star Hyatt Regency hotel! * Bucket list: see unique mud castles! * Visit Unesco world heritage Gulanyu island near Xiamen * Sunny city, delicious seafood! The Ancient Earthen Castles in Tulou is the embodiment of indigenous Hakka Culture and it’s the residence and fortress of Hakka people. This earth building complex is the distinguished one in the art of architectural world Xiamen Gulangyu island! It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It is a small tropical island where where cars are not allowed, where majestic Banyan trees and coconut palms shade the gardens of 19th-century European mansions in the Amoy Deco architectural style. Come experience local seafood restaurants and fresh tropical fruits, romantic beaches, world-class museums, and unique classical music tradition. Plan your next trip to the fairytale island where East meets West! DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Airport DEPARTURE TIME evening RETURN TIME Afternoon WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING passport*, hiking/sports shoes and clothes INCLUDED private transportation, English speaking guide 2
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Hidden Tibet: off the beaten track trip! July 31-Aug 6

"I have never seen such beautiful scenery in all my life... Adam and Eve must have been born here.” - Explorer Joseph Rock Did you know that Tibet is not limited only to the Tibetan autonomous region? Tibetan plateau is very big and covers 4 provinces, but life in Tibetan villages outside of Tibet is still not explored and hasn't seen mass tourism. With Tibet getting more restricted and more crowded with tourists, we bring you a unique chance to see the real Tibetan life, visit areas where not many foreign tourists have been and that still preserve an authentic way of life. This magical place will stay in your heart forever! ******DESTINATION****** Gannan Autonomous Tibetan prefecture, Gansu province. The most beautiful place in Asia on Lonely Planet, July 2017.
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Wonders of Yunnan: Dali, Shangri-la and Lijiang! Aug 7-13; Oct 1-7

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Fun activities: cycling, horse riding, trekking * Visit the biggest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan  * See diverse minority culture * Be amazed by the beauty of nature in Shangri-la! Itinerary at a glance: D1 - Arrive to Dali D2 - Dali: Erhai Lake cycling, Xizhou Old Town, Zhoucheng Village, Dali Ancient Town D3 - Drive to Shibao mountain, trek to Shaxi village D4 - Visit Shaxi ancient town. Drive to Shangri-la, go to Napa lake. D5- Shangri-la: Dukezong Old Town, Songzanlin Monastery. Drive to Lijiang. D6 - Lijiang: Wenhai to Yuhu rock village trekking. Horseriding in Naxi ancient village. Baisha mural. D7 - Departure from Lijiang Price: AUgust 5500, s.s. 1400 October 5999, s.s. 1500 DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  Shanghai Airport DEPARTURE TIME  Flight time RETURN TIME  Flight time WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING INCLUDED Private transportation with
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Gouqi Island escape+beach+Abandoned village! Aug 7-9; Sept 19-21

Note: ferry tickets are very limited, please sign up at least 2 weeks in advance! Highlights: - Time to see the East China Sea! - Visit Abandoned village! - Relax/Swim on the beach! - Perfect summer getaway! Destination: Gouqi Island is located in the eastern part of the Shengsi Islands.  On Gouqi Island, you can take a walk on the beach, go hiking and watch the ocean, and witness the awe-inspiring cliffsides. You can experience the atmosphere of a fishing village, enjoy fresh seafood such as the famous local mussels. July, August, and September are the best times to visit Gouqi Island; you can relax on the beach, go fishing in the sea or simply walk around and soak in the atmosphere. Note: private room might be not available, only shared
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Tropical Retreat: Detian waterfall and Mingshi village! Aug 8-12

Highlights of our retreat: 本次活动的亮点: - See the largest waterfall in Asia! - Fully relax in peaceful karst Mingshi village with a swimming pool and yoga - Practice yoga and meditation in Nature! [suitable for all levels] - Hike to the top to have a wonderful view and avoid crowds of tourists! - Enjoy cycling and bamboo raft and biking amongst karst mountains! - Explore a new destination near the border of China and Vietnam.    Where we go for this retreat? 本次旅修去哪里? The Detian Waterfall (德天瀑布 [Détiān Pùbù]; Virtuous Heaven Waterfall) was said to be one of the largest transnational waterfalls in the world.The waterfall is shared by both China and Vietnam. Surrounded by picturesque karst peaks, Phang-nga Bay (Thailand), and Halong Bay (Vietnam), this is definitely one of the more scenic waterfalls! Tongling Grand Canyon The name of this gorge means 'Connected to the Spirit World'. You will descend narrow

Tantou island, Camping under the milky way! August 13-15

Highlight: - Camping destination -Best place to see the milkyway -Yummy seafood on the island -Real beach where you can get tanned! Destination: Tantou island is the origin of Chinese fishing culture. It's 8 kms away from the harbor and its size is of 11 km2. There are 11 hills on the island and even an abandoned village. The most famous beach is called Sisters beach which connects 2 islands 1km away from each other. One side is sandy and soft and the other one has pebbles and more firm. It's one of the best places for camping in Zhejiang province, summer is absolutely the high season for Tantou camping! DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Shanghai, People's Square DEPARTURE TIME 19:00, Day 1 RETURN TIME 19:30, Day 3 WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING
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Kungfu legend: Shaolin temple and Longmen grottoes! August 13-15

Visit Shaolin temple: learn kongfu from Shaolin temple master, watch the kongfu perfomance,  explore huge buddha carvings in Longmen grottos  and Luyang old town and chill in the hot springs at the the end of the trip!
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