Our outdoor activities and retreats help to facilitate: team bonding, leadership, problem solving, and an overall positive experience to reflect on back in the work place.

Our trips offer a very powerful team exercise: working together to face physical and mental obstacles. Even our relaxation retreat packages promote bonding through team relaxation outside the workplace.

Each of our trips offers you the opportunity to create a lasting positive experience with your team. Through our trips and retreats, we supply you with the necessary tools to create your own personal “dream team”.

Your experience with us is more than just a trip from point A to point B, we strive to make each journey a personal growth experience specific to your team’s needs. The beautiful destinations are an added bonus…

Even the most cohesive teams sometimes need a refresher.
Let us help you pick the right trip for your team’s needs and help you create a team bond that will last you well after you return to work!


EF tour in Zhangjiajie: The Avatar Mountains


“There are several happy and sweet moments … singing on the bus, playing with monkeys, funny games in the birthday party, having meals together and talk etc.

Helen Li

GZ 8

EF tour in Xi’an


“The food, facilities and activities were amazing. It was very organized, and the participants had the freedom to explore some areas on their own”.

International teacher


Shanghai Toastmasters in Lin’an


“Thank You so so so much! We had a fantastic weekend outing in Lin’An. We will surely recommend WT around us, no question about that. And please kindly thanks again Bella for all her kindness during these 2 days”.


AGIC in Lin’an


AgicSH Team is glad to have had all of you sharing this crazy but exciting adventure in Lin’an that left us plenty of good vibes and emotions. Together we had really funny moments but also hard, we shared happiness, tiredness, we got scared a little bit.. But Everything we did we did it with our hearts and souls.. We made it guys! thanks to all of u. This experience it’ll be unforgettable!!

AGIC team

Iskra Protection in China’ Best Oxygen bar


“We wrote a poem to express our feelings…



Continental Automotive systems co. in Anji



“Thank you organizers and everyone! Really fun!!!”

Unilever team member

image2“Just wanted you to know that I had a great trip in Xinjiang. I especially like visiting the desert, taking a desert cart and riding a camel. Besides, the tour guide is the best I’ve ever experienced. Serena is more like a teacher, introducing to us a lot of cultural background knowledge about the scenic spots and Xinjiang. She is also very flexible and caring, she arranged us nice local food and adjusted the visiting order according to local situation. It was a wonderful trip. The bus driver is very nice and friendly, too. It feels like that both the tour guide and the driver are good friends of ours. Thank you very much!”

Alice, teacher from Beijing


Education First




Shanghai Toastmasters


Assosiation of Young Italians in China


Continental Automotive Systems