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“Yellow Mountains for sure!”





The Yellow Mountains trip is one of the most amazing places you need to visit if you are in China. This article speaks about the Yellow Mountains trip on June 23th-25th.

The meeting was at 18h30 at People’s Square, we were all exited to get there, but also, we were exited to meet people who will travel with us.

There were people from at least 6 or 7 different countries, each with unique stories, backgrounds, cultures, and languages, but we were all got united in this journey.





We visited Tunxi old town which is a street with many shops that have existed for over one hundred years. We saw a lot of interesting things like brushes, local teas, and also Mao badges. It is a paradise for tourists to buy souvenirs rich in Chinese culture with comparatively low prices.




We climbed up the thousands of stairs, we visited the West Sea Canyon and Jade Screen area. Then, we spent our night on the top of the mountain and woke up early to see the sunrise.










Hatti & Jordan



“We both really enjoyed this trip, as we are both physical and like challenging things like that. I would recommend it to people who are interested in hiking and beautiful scenery, but be aware that it was a little difficult but can get cable car if necessary. Best moment probably on top of the mountain in the evening when it was nice and quiet and peaceful. Also, having the sense of achievement of walking the whole way.

The guide was nice and organised things well. Great trip overall! “





Jeroen & Bert



“Definitely recommend the trip, great get away for the weekend if you like long hiking trips and mountains. Great experience sleeping on top the mountains enjoying the sun dawn and seeing the sunrise early in the morning.

Also, having the opportunity to meet great people with the same spirit.

Of course, Bella is the type of guide you want to have for every trip! “








“I had never climbed such a large mountain before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it might be tiring, but I didn’t know how tiring it might be!

The entire trek was full of beautiful views. Literally every turn and every step of the way provided another breathtaking scene.

I think my favourite part was reaching the peak. I was a feeling of accomplishment and also a major relief to have made it to the top.

Our tour guide also did a terrific job keeping everything very organized and making sure that we all made it up and down the mountain.

Overall, I found the trip to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life so far, and it was a great way to spend my first couple days in China.

I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who gets the chance! “






Sophie & Anthony



“Anyone should live this experience one time in their life. The trip was intense but amazing! Our best moment was when we arrived at the top of the mountain with the stunning views. We highly recommend this trip, that’s a good way to travel around China and see beautiful scenery that you will never see everywhere. A big thank you for our guide, who always been there for everyone, and who still organized every time.

See you next time for our next adventure! “ 

Breathtaking pictures of a huge sea of cloud in our trip to the Yellow mountains (Huangshan)! Enjoy watching and welcome to join our next trip to this magnificent place on January 1-3rd.

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Mountains, That’s How (gotcha!)




China is home to so many mountains, that they cover 2/3rds of its land (so you’ll probably come across one while you’re here). But if you’re like me and only have a short time here, here are the top 3 must sees:

  1. Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province


Or the Yellow Mountains (as most Westerners refer to it), are one of the most beautiful stretch of mountains in China and bring in tourists from all over the world. Serious hikers and not serious hikers (like me, myself, and I) alike can take pictures all over these massive rocks. The trails are pretty easy (if you like rock stairs you’re already winning) and the gondola ride (a must for some of us) is only about 30 min (one way) and gives you some of the best views from inside the range.


These mountains have inspired many Chinese paintings, and if you’ve been there, you can probably guess why.  This mountain range is one of the most unique ranges in the world, and is beautiful year round (unlike some of us).


  1. Avatar mountains, Hunan 


If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, you’ve already seen Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – but don’t let that stop you seeing them in real life. These mountains were the inspiration behind the Hallelujah Mountains in the mythical world of Pandora in the movie Avatar, and it’s easy to see that when you visit.

  1. Mount Everest, Tibet (of course it’s number 1)


Mount Everest, even the name conjures images of the greatest mountain range ever (even if you’ve never seen it). It stands tall at over 29,000 feet tall and is part of the Tibetan Himalaya mountain range (just like our number 2). It is still one of the most dangerous climbs to make (I don’t think it will ever get easier) and people every year are killed by it (yes, killed by a mountain, very real).


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Our coming trip to Yellow mountains: September 23-25th

Yellow mountains! Discount for students! 黄山!

Tibet and Everest base camp: October 1-7th (national holiday)


Avatar mountains: coming soon… Meanwhile enjoy breathatking pics from our previous trip:

Zhangjiajie trip May 13-15th

Professional hiking trip leader with 5000 meters level summit certificate and years of experience!

Ninghai hiking 18

Check out his biography: Huma has been a passionate and professional hiking group leader since 2012. He is a Shanghainese and his first hike was in 1998. You will be impressed by his background!

In 1998, he represented China in a globe cross-country hiking training organized by Switzerland. After that he climbed the Alps, hiked through the Quaternary glaciers.In 2012 he started leading groups of hikers. In 2013 he backpacked all over China and successfully completed Nepal Trekking EBC route. In 2014, he hiked to the top of Sigu nian snow mountain and was certified 5000 meters level summit certificate by china mountaineering association. In May 2015 he obtained Chinese Red Cross Society First Aid certificate.

Trips lead by Huma: Yellow mountains, Ninghai Stone village, Hua Hing ancient trail, Wid China – “Shangri-la of the East”, China’s best Oxygen bar, Moganshan, etc.
Leader style: Good english and very modest.

You will love hiking with Huma!

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Trip to Yellow mountains and Tunxi old town: watching rice cake making, tasting local snacks, hiking West sea Canyon and Jade Screen Budda area, seeing the sunset. 19 people joined us this time for trip to these spectacular mountains above the clouds! Join us next time on June 24-26th!

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