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It’s what Indian mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa did at the weekend when she unfurled her country’s flag at 8848 metes above sea level on May 21, just days after doing the same thing.

Shehad reached the peak three days earlier, before heading back down to do the arduous trek all over again.

Her dual climb was completed in 118 hours and 15 minutes. It marks the fastestdouble effort by a woman.





Conditions on Everest are notoriously unpredictable and harsh. An Australian climber died at the weekend while trying to reach the summit, after suffering suspectedaltitude sickness.

The death toll during the current season stands at five.

Jamsenpa’s record-breaking effort began with a blessing from the Dalai Lama in April, before she knocked over a month of fitness training before setting off.

The 37-year-old mother of two reached the top on May 16 and then again on Sunday.It marks her fifth successful climb to Mount Everest’s summit.

Her latest endeavour smashes her previous record of climbing to the top twice in 10 days, which she achieved in 2011.


Everest Summitter Association head Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa confirmed Jamsenpa’s record-setting climb from Everest Base Camp on Sunday.

Five other climbers have managed to reach the top twice in two seasons — all of them Sherpas.

After Jamsenpa’s ascents have been certified by the ministry of tourism in Nepal, the world record will be official.




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