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Pictures from our luxury hot springs escape trip. A group of 13 travelers joined our Luxurious 5 star hotel + hot spring and SPA + ancient town trip.

On day 1 we spent the whole afternoon and evening in a huge hot springs resort with more than 100 pools: baths with baijiu, red wine, milk, Chinese medicine, buble bath, fish spa,couple bath (where you can close the curtains and have some privacy), steaming room, sauna, Japanese hot stones. It was a busy day!

We stayed in a local 5 star hotel overnight. There was a Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in a good mood! After a nice breakfast buffet, someone enjoyed working out in the fitness club or swimming in indoor pool, and others just had a relaxing morning in the hot tub in their rooms.

In the afternoon we visited a nearby ancient town with more than 1200 years of history. It is located near beautful lake and a walk was really enjoyable on such a sunny day. The ancient town is not very famous and therefore not very touristy, which gave us a chance to appreciate the original architecture and observe rural life. We saw locals making candy, rice cakes, noodles, drying tea and many different kinds of snacks. They even make bamboo rice there! It was also interesting to see everyday life of elderly people living there: many wash their clothes right in the lake or river! The local people also didn’t miss a chance to take picture with a group of foreigners. We tried rice cakes and some other famous local dishes at lunch in the ancient – it was trully delicious!

In overall, it was a relaxing and interesting weekend trip. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to follow Wanna Travel on wechat:


Pictures from our trip to Nanjing – the South capital!

In our short 2 days trip we visited the Presidential Palace and learnt a lot about the history of Nanjing. We climbed to Purple mountain to see the Sun-Yatsen memorial hall and the view from the top!

We saw the sunset from the top of the oldest Ming dynasty Gate that was built 600 years ago! Amazing views of Nanjing skyline!

Our trip leader treated us refreshing Moscow Mule cocktail for dinner! Now we are ready to spend the night soaking in the hot springs!

It is very relaxing to spend a night in the hot springs hotel!

Mud bath was no doubt the biggest fun for everyone!

Beautiful natural hot sptings in Nanjing is the best in China: even the emperors used to come here to take a bath!

It was a great trip and we are looking forward to meeting again soon!

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