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Private tour for AGIC (l’Associazione Giovani Italiani In Cina):

Wild trail hiking, waterfalls, swimming: Lin’an Big Dragon bay! JUne 24-26th. 30 members of AGIC joined us for a fun weekend! See you next time!



China’e Best Oxygen Bar trip! (Dragon boat festival June 9-11th). 31 cust0mers and 1 lucky draw winner have joined our trip to Pan’an countty to explore an ancient village, hike through rice and tea terraces to the mountain top and visit incredible scenic area with green blue river and countless waterfalls! It was an unforgettable trip!


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Meditation and yoga retreat in a temple June 9-11th (Dragon boat holiday). Join us for our next retreat during Mooncake festival September 15-17th!






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Our 4th “WIN A TRIP” this year is on again! Take part in the competition and win one of these 5 amazing trips! See details in the end of the article!

Dragon boat festival trips: June 9-11. Choose your favorite one!

1. Dragon boat race, rafting and 19 KM hiking in bamboo forest!

Destination: Anji, Zhejiang

What to do during Dragon boat festival? Let’s take part in dragon boat race ourselves! Have an amazing off-trail hike in Anji bamboo forest, compete in white water rafting, swim in natural pool and cheers with new friends at bonfire party! This is a unique summer time experience!

Price: 1099 rmb

More details: https://wannatravelshanghai.com/trips/dragon-boat-race-rafting-19-km-hiking-bamboo-forest/

2. Hike in “China’s best oxygen bar”!

Destination: Pan’an county, Zhejiang

Have you ever heard about Pan’an county? It’s an amazing hidden from majority of tourists place with incredible mountains scenery, green blue river, green valleys, stunning waterfalls, ancient towns and clean air! The air quality and 99% of the water quality of this place is up to the national standards of class A, that is why it is called “China’s forest oxygen bar!

Traveling alone? It is more than a trip: It is an ideal chance to make friends, share this amazing experience and cheers at bonfire party!

Price: 999 rmb

More details: https://wannatravelshanghai.com/trips/hike-chinas-best-oxygen-bar/

3. Trip to Wild China! Camping and water gun 


Destination: Gongyu, Zhejiang

It is time to turn off your cell phone, pack everything you need to survive in a isolated but beautiful part of east zhejiang province!
Forget about wifi, your comfy bed and A/C! You will hike in the middle of nowhere, you will live in an isolated Chinese village at the the height of 600 meters above the sea level and enjoy simple life! A unique chance to learn about local culture and get out of your comfort zone! Bonfire, music, stars... and water gun fight!

Price: 899 rmb

More details: https://wannatravelshanghai.com/trips/trip-to-wild-china-shangri-la-of-the-east/

4. Yoga and Meditation retreat in a temple

If you are looking for a getaway where you can really get away from it all, treat yourself a weekend of detox, relax, purification and inner peace and balance!

No matter your preferred style of yoga, whether you are beginner or expert, this retreat will offer you soothing escapes and life-changing experiences. Switch off your phone, forget your problems and step into the world of simplicity and self-revitalization!

Price: 1099 rmb

More details: https://wannatravelshanghai.com/trips/yoga-meditation-retreat-temple/

5.  Explore stunning Guilin: Longji terraces and Yangshuo! 

Explore what Guilin has to offer: get lost in cascading rice terraces like nowhere else, bike in the countryside to the famous moon hill, take a picture on ancient bridge, relax while boating with gorgeous mountain view and breath in the clean air! It is going to be an unforgettable and unique holiday at one of the most beautful places in China!

Endless rice terraces cascading down into the valley below and the spectacular backdrop of a 2000 meter high mountain ridge is always an unforgettable holiday experience and includes some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Guangxi Province!

More details:

Price: 1670 rmb

More details: https://wannatravelshanghai.com/trips/explore-stunning-guilin-longji-terraces-and-yangshuo/

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Our coming trips:

3-5.05 Moganshan cycling and swimming in the lake!

3-5.05 Wild trail hiking, waterfalls, swimming: Lin’an Big Dragon Bay

3-5.05 2 days in Xi’an: terracota warrios and ancient city wall!

9-11.06 Dragon boar race, rafting and off-trail 19 KM hiking in bamboo forest!

9-11.06 Guilin: Longji terraces and Yangshuo!

9-11.06 Hike China’s best Oxygen bar!

9-11.06 Meditation and yoga retreat in a temple

9-11.06 Trip to Wild China! Camping and watergun fight!

17-19.06 Hike Jiuhua Mt: unique temple on mountain top!

24-26.06 Yellow mountains! Discount for students!

25-26.06 Camping on the magnificent Great Wall!

25.06 GET WET AND WILD: rafting + swimming + hiking and picnic! 

26.06 Horse riding on the island + BBQ!

Private tours: Xi’an, Beijing, Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Chengdu, Tibet!


Wanna win one of these trips? You have a chance!

1. Share this link in your moments with the words “I WANNA WIN #name of the trip#”, for example: I WANNA WIN A TRIP TO CHINA’S BEST OXYGEN BAR!

2. Take a screenshot and send to our subscription wechat account: wanna_travel

3. The lucky winner will be announced next Friday, June 3rd on our subscriton wechat account!


– Can I take part in competition if I already booked one of these trips?

– YES! If you win the trip, the deposit will be returned to you and you will join the trip FOR FREE!


2 groups of 30 people each joined our trip to China’ best oxygen bar during May holiday: we explored ancient village, saw local people making rice cakes, hiked the highest mountain in the area through bamboo forest, rice terraces and tea plantations and explored amazing scenic area with beautiful long bridges and countless waterfall falling in green blue river… We celebrated our successful trip with bonfire party, music and fireworks! An unforgettable trip! Join us for our next adventure in China’s best oxygen bar during Dragon boat festival!


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