What is the best time to visit Tibet?

What is the best time to visit Tibet?

Many wonder: when is the best time to visit Tibet to plan their lifetime journey to the holly land better?

Depending on your purpose of visiting, every single month is the best time to visit Tibet!

Spring (April–May)


The weather becomes warm during spring and the ice melts. It is the best time to enjoy already warm weather and still not crowded Tibet before the high summer season.

Summer (June–August)


The weather is warm and most comfortable for traveling in Tibet during the summer. Although there is a rainy season from mid July to late August, the rain usually doesn’t last longer than one hour and doesn’t make your journey uncomfortable.

If you are afraid of the high altitude sickness, the summer is the best season for you as the air contains more oxygen than in other seasons.

This is the busiest season of the year and it is very difficult to get a train to Lhasa.

Autumn (September–October)

The rainy season is over and the weather is clear and cool. It is the best time to take pictures of the mountain peaks as there is less cloud. It is also the best season for trekking and hiking in Tibet.

Autumn is still a very busy season in Tibet, almost like summer.

Winter (November–March)


Temperature in Lhasa is mild, around 10 degrees by day, but if you travel to the Everest base camp, it might drop as low as to – 30, so you need to be well prepared. There are far fewer tourists than in summer or autumn. Some roads might be closed due to the heavy snow. It is also the most economic: the prices are 20% lower. 


– The best weather to Visit Tibet – Summer & Autumn (April to October)

–  The lowest cost season to visit Tibet – Winter

– Th best trekking time in Tibet – Autumn

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