Amazing gifts for travelers joining our National holiday trips!

Amazing gifts for travelers joining our National holiday trips!

Great news for all travelers joining our hiking trips near Shanghai during the National holiday! Wanna Travel partners have prepared amazing gifts for you to make your experience unforgettable!

Michelob Ultra has prepared a new concept – healthy beer, only 69 Kcal! Enjoy drinking healthy beer during the bonfire party at night!

 Libava will provide canned smoked sprats or sardines! All you need to bring is some crackers or bread and your nutritious picnic is ready!

Gre3n will provide coconut water and chips! It is important to stay hydrated during your hike, and there is no better way to do it than drinking coconut water!

Check out our trips during the National holiday:

1-2.10 Camping on the Wild Great wall!
2-4.10 TRIP TO WILD CHINA! Shangri-la of the East!
2-4.10 Camping on the Sunrise Mountain!
2-4.10 Qiandao lake (1000 islands) kayaking and cycling trip!
2-4.10 Beautiful water: breathtaking Yunhe rice terraces!
3-8.10 Inner Mongolia: Nomadic life experience!
4-6.10 Moganshan hiking and swimming!
4.10 One day relax in the natural hot springs!
5-7.10 Yoga and Meditation retreat in a temple
5-7.10 Lin’an adventure: hiking, waterfalls, zip-ling, rafting!
5-7.10 Hike in “China’s best oxygen bar”!
5-7.10 Hike Wuyue ancient trail and largest heavenly lake
6-8.10 Explore stunning Guilin: Longji terraces and Yangshuo!

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