What is Wanna Travel?

Wanna Travel is gateway for people who want to disconnect from the city life or unleash their inner explorer with families and friends. It connects human being and nature, urban and rural, health and spirit.

Wanna Travel sets itself apart by providing the highest quality trips, affordable prices, multiple options, and friendly leadership.


Human beings need to go see the world to be able to understand the world and be one with nature. Life balance is just like ying and yang, the can’t be separated nor isolated. The concept wanna travel holds can only be magnified by the internet and all social network. Traveling is human nature.


We are the first expat-oriented travel agency in Shanghai.

We provide English-speaking guides, western food and all types of activities on all our trips!

With an even mix of young locals and expats, making new friends is easy for everybody.

WannaTravel is a growing community, and we would love to welcome you.

To stay informed about our upcoming events, find us on WeChat: wanna_travel